Friday, July 9, 2010

Lot's of Love from the Philson's

More posts to come....hopefully more regularly. To end tonights file sharing session, check out Noah and Harrison, being Noah and Harrison. Followed by a group picture.

The End.

Finally, just some pictures to round out the year.
Playing Star Wars, having birthday parties, riding in tractors, playing super hero squad (look closely, that's a home made Iron Man custome), and playing in the pool.

The fun never ends!

A very cold day, which led into a wonderful Christmas season.

But wait....there's more!

This lovely section show cases the boys going door to door. What it doesnt' show is the group of children coming up behind Noah and Harrison, and scaring the candy out of fragile Mr. Harrison. It was tramatic!

We also get a look at Fr. Schweiger's birthday dinner. Good thing the smoke alarm was temporarily turned off...or was that a bad thing?

A long time coming....

It occured to me, that I had run out of room on my camera's memory card. Anticipated a vacation within the next couple of weeks, I thought it would be a good idea to clear out the memory card. During this process, I found pictures from last September. if I was just now uploading those pics to my computer, clearly, I had no blogged, and therefore not posted anything since said September (a quick look online confirmed my suspicions). Therefore, for your viewing pleasure....2009-2010 in review, with the Philson Family.

Above you will see a late summer sunday with Grandpa, Dad, and Noah playing on a Tank in Beatrice. This was definately one of my favorite places as a kid.
Directly below that, Kim being "artsy" with the boys, the result of that talent, and the boys prepared to score some candy!