Monday, October 18, 2010

An awesome day

A family outing to the Pumpkin Patch.
Sadly, Kim wasn't able to join us due to allergies, but the three of us were still able to have some fun with Grandpa,Grandma Uncle John, Titi Elizabeth, Uncle Chris, Titi Rebecca, Cousins Christian and Gabriel, and more extended family. Just like Mom, Linus wasn't there to help us find the Great Pumpkin, so Noah, Harrison, and myself (Greg) checked out some pumpkins on our own, hoping to find that elusive Halloween guest. After the boys were deputized by a local sheriff, we felt we could continue our investigation in a more official capacity. The boys did their best to put their most intimidating faces on.

Noah and Grandpa stopped exploring the Pumpkin Patch just long enough to pose with Mickey.

Of course, a train ride was a must (thanks Titi Elizabeth). I thought Harrison might be scared and want to ride with me. Nope! He had to ride with two little girls.

And because Noah and Harrison, are Noah and Harrison, we spent most of our time hanging out at the tractors. The children in the yellow shirts, are Noah's "helpers". They filled the tractors with gas and oil, so that Noah could plant the crops.

After such a busy day, the boys quickly fell asleep in the car. Right before we got home, Noah woke up,and in his quasi sleeping state said, "Dad, that was an awesome day."

The Pumpkin festival

A phun philled Philson phamily phestival!
Our recent outing to the local pumpkin festival gave us a chance to take some silly pictures, pick out some pumpkins for carving, and pick out some mini-pumpkins for painting.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

"It" is no longer an "it".

On Wednesday October 6th, Kim and I went to our long awaited Ultra-Sound Appointment.
We were both excited, because we wanted to know the gender of our new baby. We both agreed that calling the baby "it" seemed a little de-humanizing. Our neighboors were equally excited, mostly because they swore the child was a girl. We came to find out, that our neighboor has accurately predicted the gender of both her children, and the children of anyone she knows, well in advance of an Ultra-Sound. She has a gift. When we came home from the appointment on Wednesday, we found a pink cake and a pink onesie waiting for us. It seems our neighboor was so confident in her prediction, that she was taking a pretty big risk. Humoriously enough, she was so sure, that she didn't have a Plan-B in place. Nothing blue had been prepared. The best part of the story, is that she was right. Kim and I are now anxiously awaiting the arrival of our first daughter, Belle Marie Ann Philson (Belle Marie is the first name), who is scheduled to join us in early March, hopefully not too early, since Noah will be turning 5 on the first.
Speaking of the Noah, he and Harrison were quite excited about the news. There was giggling, and jumping around, and tossing of arms in the air as soon as they found out. Noah has been hoping for a girl, and made no secret of the fact. I think Harrison was excited and celebrating just because of Noah's reaction, his joy is contangious, and Harry is kind of a "monkey see, monkey do" kind of guy.
Needless to say, Kim and I are over joyed, and the reactions from those around seem to confirm that everyone else is as well.
In addition, to the traditional ultra-sound pics (see the below post), we were given some 3D pictures as well. Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present our daughter!
This picture it appears she is sucking her thumb.

Here she is, just snuggling with Mom.

2D Images

These two pictures are of the face.

Below, the image is under the baby, looking up. This is one of the views the Ultra-Sound Technician used to confirm the baby's gender.

The below pictures are of the foot (left) and the whole body (right).

Above you can see the head and body, and one of the hands, directly above the head.

One of the first shots we got-the gender. We were very excited to hear that we were having a girl.