Friday, December 26, 2008

The first post of Christmas

Twas the day after Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, except for Dad.
Merry Christmas to all who read this blog. I realize we've gotten pretty bad about updating, but hopefully this will appease our fans.
December has been one crazy month for our household. It's been non-stop activities. Kim began December with a T.E.C weekend. She served as an Assistant-Lay Director in Beatrice. I've started planning for my own T.E.C which is just around the corner, and will be located in Wahoo. For this Teens Encounter Christ, I'll be an Assistant-Lay Director as well. God willing, Kim and I will begin directing our own TEC's soon. A few birthdays here and there, some various excusrsions into the cold. Noah went with Teetee (not sure how that should be spelled) and her friend Molly (Wall-E according to Noah) to see the Star City Parade: "Big Tractor Dadda, and Santa, and Elmo!". Harrison is teasing us with a few extra teeth, and walking, but neither one is there yet. But what would be December, without our annual trip ti Uncle Chris, and Teetee Rebecca's to see Santa Clause. Noah was so excited, until the moment actually came.... For the first time in his life, Noah was actually pretty reluctant to sit on Santa's lap. But he still had to get his order for Christmas in. So, from a safe distance across the room he shouted it in "Santa, Big Tractor book!!" "Tell Santa what Harrison wants" I would say, " Toys!" "What kind of Toys Noah?" "Blue toys". And then the boy was gone.

Harrison didn't fair much better, infact, I've never seen Harrison so afraid of anyone.

This grumpy gus over to the side, went out of his way to let Santa know they weren't going to get along. I suppose Harry thought he had been a bad boy all year and didn't want to make nice with the man who was going to bring him coal.
Despite the mood of my children, I was bound and determined to get a good picture with Santa. Mostly because Kim couldn't make this annual tradition and I knew she was a little sad about that. So, in order to make my wife's Christmas wish come true, I thought I'd sit in on the picture too. This was taken a moment before Harrison quite literally screamed bloody murder in Mr. Kringle's face. (we tried)

After the jolly man vacated the premises, the boys went back to normal. Harrison, promptly crawled to a stranger and asked to be held, and Noah invited himself onto cousin Christian's bunk-bed, so that he could be a big boy for a while. I've always admired how patient Christian is with Noah, in-fact, I'm very proud of how loving he is around my kids, and in my opinion, the picture of the two of them on the bunk-bed is quite the heart warmer....

Okay, enough sentiment, let's skip ahead to the sword fight that occured right after this loving moment... Despite my praise of Christian, I quickly changed my opinion, and thought him to be pretty sneaky, after all, he did bring a gun to a knife fight, which left Noah at a slight disadvantage, good thing he isn't afraid to kick.

Even with a few setbacks, we did have some fun, and even though Noah and Harrison didn't enjoy Santa Clause as much as I hoped, the oldest did go on to spent the next 3 weeks asking if Santa was going to come that night. I'm still not sure if he wanted to see Santa, or the Big Tractor book and Blue toys that he was promised.

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