Sunday, September 6, 2009

Oh my goodness, A TRACTOR!!!!!

Noah loves tractors. Not just any tractors, the green and yellow ones that sport the deer on the side.
We had a great opportunity a few weeks ago to enjoy Cobblestone ( a big fair type thing) in Falls City. Naturally tractors were there in abundance.

Noah, literally sat quietly for close to ten minutes watching the tractor in the background, just staring at it. I've never seen him so hypnotized or well behaved.
Kim and I are thinking of purchasing a Deere to store in our garage as a means of calming him down.
Here we see the kiddos taking a closer look.

On our way back to Nana and Papa's house, we stumbled upon a couple fo gentlemen and their vintage Johnny Popper, which just so happened to be running. Noah was thrilled to be offered the chance to sit on this classic tractor. And of course, what Noah does, Harrison has to do.

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jp said...

Noah heaven. Love it!