Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Zoo, Part II

Well, as Greg is entirely too busy watching the X-Men cartoon via Netflix, I guess I, Kim, will have to continue the saga that was the zoo.

I'll continue where I left off, exiting the Cat Complex. We next headed down, up, sideways? the Gorilla exhibit. Not much to go over from this as most of the apes were sleeping or out of site. Greg did manage to get into an argument with Noah. The question: Are we looking at monkeys or apes? Obviously the answer was apes as all monkeys have tails, but, who can argue with a 2 year old? We did get a few pics around the statues though. Who needs the real thing?
I think the most exciting thing for the boys was the petting zoo. I know, all of these nifty animals with such cool evolutionary designs...and Noah loved the goats. Alas, a two year old mind does not reason. He loved getting to touch them and feel the hard horns. I think any chance to run a muck with animals is fun for Noah.

Harrison also loved to see the goats up close and to touch them. Although, you could say that there's not much Harrison doesn't like. We'll just have to assume that he enjoyed himself because of the animals.
Probably the highlight of Noah's trip was the train ride. Lately, Noah has become quite fascinated with trains. Seeing trains, going over train tracks, watching trains, watching cartoon trains (i.e. Thomas the Train); anything about trains floats his boat. Grandpa generously offered to stay behind with Harrison so that Noah could enjoy the trip w/ Mom, Dad, and Uncle John.

We all thought Noah might be a little scared on the train, just because this was so different from anything he's ever done. We were way off. Noah loved watching the steam come off the engine and loved the fact that we were actually on the cho-cho tracks. Again, the simplicity of a two year old. I did have to point out that there were still animals around, but I think I only distracted him for a few minutes before we started talking train again.

After the train, we made a few other quick stops. Noah, Greg and Grandpa fed the budgies (different types of small parrots) while Harrison, John and I watched the otters. No, I did not take any to practice my taxidermy skills (through back to the old college days working at Moral Hall). And I'm pretty sure had I tried a few people might have stopped me. I leave you w/ the fun pics.

The sounds not the greatest on these videos, but there fun to just watch Noah.

And that was our zoo trip. A fun time was had by all, especially due to the fact that most of the animals were actually awake and moving around. Another plus was that it was only in the mid to upper 70's. A perfect day for the zoo!

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