Monday, October 20, 2008

The Saga of the Blue Troll: Episode I

The Blue Troll and I are currently not speaking. In fact, if the blue troll so much as looks at me funny, an accident will happen. I'm trying to convince Noah, that it's in his best interest to severe ties with this no good piece of trouble making plastic. Noah, will have none of it. Blue Troll is his best friend. I say "no". Blue Troll is his pawn, his means for causing mischief, and an accident is bound to happen.
Before we go any further, let us instead move backwards. Embarking on a nostalgic trip into the 90's, and if you'll power up your flux capacitor just a little more, we'll go all the way to the early 90's. Recall if you will, some of the fads of the time, specifically Troll Dolls, the predecessor to those horrible little beanie babies. These trolls did it all, they dressed up as marines, business men, judges, ninjas, etc, etc, etc.
Three of these little guys managed to survive Y2K, and awaken in the new millenia in my home. Kim and I thought nothing of it, and simply disgarded these little miscreants, pawning them off onto our children. If only we had been more careful. With the kind of recklessness we were displaying we might as well have fed Gizmo after midnight (PS-there will be a quiz later over all the 80's and 90's references that I seem to be unintentionally writing into this entry).
Noah took to the troll like a fish to water ( sidebar-Harrison could care less about the things, but they are fun to tickle his nose with when he's grumpy), perhaps like the little boy from the Child's Play Movie who just can't help himself when it comes to playing with that psychotic little My Buddy doll (seriously, I too can't help myself, these references are like an extension of my person, I'm not even trying) Noah found a friend, and at first it was cute, when Noah had to carry the little guy around, he even named it "Blue Troll". We would tuck Noah in at night and discover, Blue Troll held tightly in his little hands. Blue Troll would get hugs and kisses just like Noah, and occasionally, Blue Troll would join us for a meal or two, or three. But then last week things got out of hand...

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jp said...

I cannot wait for part 2.