Friday, October 31, 2008

For the nerds

So a few weeks ago, my brother tells me about a great motivational poster he saw; it's a Storm Trooper sitting with his hands propped on a table, resting his head in his hands. The caption reads: Hindsight, those were the droids I was looking for.
In fact, it is so funny that I went online and looked up a variety of nerdy motivational posters ranging from content from Star Wars, Star Trek, Office, The Office, etc. Most have been set up to display as a slide show as a Screen Saver, and the Storm Trooper has made it as my work desktop. As I googled these images, I thought to myself "Self, nerds came up with these posters, and I"m a nerd, so why don't I try my hand at this." Please, constructive criticism only, these are only early attempts and I'd hate someone's over zealous critique to dampen any future trials. Who knows, perhaps a career in motivating people.

I realize it's hard to read, so here you go
Precision: Not a Quality to have when trying to blame someone else for your work

I was unsure of this one, but it's turned out to be pretty good

Luck:For those of us who didn't practice bulls-eyeing whomp rats back home

And Finally, last but not least, my attempt to dive into the New Saga...

Heartbreak: who knew it could kill you?

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jp said...

You're right, the stormtrooper one is the best. We Philson boys think alike.