Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Saga Continues: Part II

Noah likes to test the water, bush buttons if you will. He, just like any two year old wants to know his limits, so he's become very good pushing Kim and I too our limits. Part two picks up, at somewhere between 7:30 and 8 on a Thursday Night. Harrison has been put to bed, and the older brother is on his way. Mr. Noah decides that bedtime is in fact, not in his immediate future. Let the tantrum begin.
Noah, quite literally goes to his room kicking and screaming. By this time, he's yelled and back talked Kim and I enough that we don't feel bad for making him so upset. By the time he gets to his room, Noah decides that his show, as thus far not been big enough. Upon climbing into bed, he begins to pick up the zoo of stuffed animals and throws each one on the floor. With each victim, the throw becomes more intense. Finally we come to the grand finale, blue troll is the sole survivor of this onslaught, which I have "patiently" endured for long enough.
"Noah, if you throw that troll, you will go to bed withou...."
That's all I said, before the boy gave me that look that said "how are are you willing to go?"
The troll hit the floor, and bounced. (Noah did not get hit, if that's what you thought the action word meant).
Just as systematically as each victim hit the floor, I picked each up, and removed them from the room, making a special trip for the blue troll.
Now, let's take our flux capacitor, power it up, and set the dial for 30 minutes into the future...
Noah is hysterical. "MOMMA, BLUE TROLL, BLUE TROLL PLEASE!!!!!! BLUE TROLL!!!!" He screamed. He gave up on the plea of "DADDA, ME BLUE TROLL!!!" (translation: give me the blue troll dad) about 15 minutes earlier, as I would only come into his room periodically and let him know that he needed to go to sleep, and that if he woke up his brother, there would be some unforeseeable punishment in his very close future.
Apparently I, as the dad, failed to learn my lesson from the begining of this adventure, and could not understand that Noah was not going to listen to me, and would in fact defy every single one of my parental directions.

Sad story, but the boy cried himself to sleep. It was hard, Kim and I many times wanted to give in to him, but on principal alone, we could not back down after we had so openly been disobeyed.
Approx. 90 minutes after Noah had initially gone to bed, there was quiet in our house. The tempest had blown over....or had it? Perhaps Kim and I should have considered the fact that we were only in the eye of the storm.
On a side note, Noah was slightly vindicated as Kim and I were completely unable to watch our usual thrusday night show of the office, due to our inability to hear. Noah didn't get what he wanted, we didn't get what we wanted.

Fast forward to 6 am. I have friday off work, and I'm planning on spending a restful day at home with the family, perhaps a little sleeping in...perhaps not.
"DADDA BLUE TROLL!!!" comes the too familiar cry from the boys room. Like a flash, I bolt into Noah's room to try and calm him down and get him back to sleep. Three weeks later, I'm still impressed by my ability to so carefully and quickly navigate from my bed to his, while still mostly groggy. "Noah, go back to sleep" "Noah, it's okay" "Noah don't wake Harrison". There would be no comfort for Noah. And Harrison wasn't going to let his brother be the only person awake screaming. So, long story short, Noah and Harrison both got up very early, and in very bad moods.

But why my hatred of the Blue Troll? Because for the rest of the day, we heard nothing but Noah's desire for the troll. Nap was the equivalent of the previous night in regards to frustration, once it was clear that Blue Troll wasn't an option, Noah wasn't going to give us a break.

Eventually the Troll and Noah were reunited. But now Noah knows the Troll is the ultimate tool. Blue troll will be dropped no more than 4 times at night, giving Noah a reason to scream for Kim or I to come search for the little monster. Meanwhile, Noah giggles and tells us some incomprehensible story. In the middle of the night, if Blue Troll is not in hand, the kid wakes up screaming. I'm not sure, Kim or I have had a straight nights sleep since the "incident".

To make matters worse, Noah has managed to find the missing "Orange Troll" (no I did not make this troll go missing, he just got lost while Noah was playing). Now there is twice as much fun...

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