Thursday, October 30, 2008

The solution

As we continue to deal with the blue troll, I've thought of a few ways that Troll can make it up to Kim and I perhaps he could start pulling his weight around the house. Let me know what you think...
1) Troll could help me in the basement. I can't help it if he climbs behind the dry wall to ensure cords are properly tucked away, and I forget he's there while patching up some holes.
2) I need help moving the lawn. I'm pretty sure that the mower blade will get jammed, and Blue Troll would be more than happy to climb under the mower and help me dislodge the blade.
3)I've been having trouble with the grill. Perhaps the cord from the propane tank to the burner is clogged, and the Troll would want to climb into the unit to explore.
4) Kim mentioned the toaster isn't working properly, perhaps Blue Troll can plug it in and take a look. Preferably in the bathtub, that has the best lighting in the house.
5) We have some carnivorous rabits in our backyard. I think they may be stuck under the shed Blue Troll would be more than excited to help guide these little critters out.

These are just a few helpful suggestions I've come up with. Please feel free to add your own.

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