Thursday, December 16, 2010

Harrison's Day Off. Part I

I suspect today started a new tradition in the Philson Household. "Day-off", as named by Grandpa, is a day that the boys get to skip daycare and spend a day of fun, having adventures with a designated grown-up, in a one-on-one fashion. Last week Noah went to a Tractor show with Grandpa, while Harrison went to pre-school. Today, Noah went to pre-school and Harrison and daddy decided to go to the State Capital to see the really big Christmas Tree. Of course before we could go, some silliness was required at home. Not only did we eat breakfast on the floor watching cartoons (awesome) but we played with the picnic blanket and took some pictures sitting together.The whole time Harrison kept asking if we could start our day off (by that he meant leaving the house).

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