Thursday, December 16, 2010

Harrison's Day Off. Part II

Arriving at the Capital, we very quickly found the Christmas Tree. In a very un-Harrison moment, the little guy broke free from me and couldn't wait to pose for the camera. By himself, he walked around the tree, every once in a while turning around to find me and say "cheese". While doing some exploring, we wandered around the balconies surrounding the tree, walked through the library, enjoyed the many pictures on the walls, floor, and ceiling. We even poked our heads into the legislature for a few moments. A big highlight was when we found a tour guide who offered to take us into the sealed off Senate chamber (not used any more thanks to Nebraska's unicameral government) and the Supreme Court. Our behind the scenes tour got even better when Harrison and I posed for a few pictures in the court. Sadly, due to the presence of a stranger, Harrison became pretty introverted and wouldn't say anything fun, like "order in the court!"-though the guide and I certainly tried hard.
After we explored the main level, the two of us ascended 14 stories to explore the dome. Harrison was more than eager to pose for some more pictures, as we explored the murals and ventured out onto the walkways that surround the exterior of the dome. While in one of the walkways, we almost found ourselves locked out of the building as a tour guide was closing off all the doors, thankfully we saw her before she locked the door we were behind. To make up for the mistake, she lead us to the west walkway and took our pictures together. It's impossible to see in the picture, but behind us in the distance are the railroads, which Harrison loved, because he could see the trains from "way up high"! After exploring a bit more, we wandered down to the main level where we journeyed to the governor's office. After stopping by, for no other reason than we could, and the door was open, we found our way out of the capital and to grandpa's office across the street, where Harrison explained to grandpa how high he went. The best part of the day was being able to witness Harrison come out of his shell, and enjoy something new, all by himself.

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