Sunday, August 31, 2008

A day at the pool

They say "everyone likes pools". I don't know if thats true, I've never taken the time to ask "everyone", so I really don't feel comfortable posting half-truths on our blog. But what I do know, is that Noah and Harrison like pools. Mostly Noah, as he's the only one who actually played in the water. But Harrison did a great job sitting in a mostly dry part of the pool (gotta love un-even ground) and kicking his feet in the water. In fact, the kid smiled for us. I know, what a rarity, but it was nice seeing him enjoy himself. Of course, Noah had issues "No Harrison, no pool!" "But Noah, the pool is for you and Harrison. " "No! pool me!" Or something like that. Eventually he'll learn to share, we hope, we pray

Apparently, the pool has more tenants than our boys, as Noah caught a whooper...or two. (the fish are different colors in case you're wondering)

Though Harrison was reluctant he did have a good time. He stuck pretty close to Dad, but I'm sure this time next year, there will be nothing holding him back in the pool.

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jp said...

Thank you Noah and Harrison, for letting me come over and play today.

Uncle John loves you!