Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sing along anyone?

If you've ever met Noah, you know he's all boy. He loves tractors, trucks, mowing, and anything that involves being outside. With passions like these it was only inevitable that he would discover Thomas the Train, or as Noah likes to call it "Choo-Choo".
In our initial discover of Thomas videos at the library, it was also revealed to us that each Thomas video contains not one, but two really annoying kiddy sing alongs. you can't help but get that kind of stuff stuck in your head, especially when Noah wants to watch it everyday. Well, Noah heard mom and dad sing along once or twice and he decided that he wanted to do the same. Below is just a sample of what Kim and I see almost everytime a Thomas video is played.
If you can't understand the words, that's okay, Kim and I can translate.

1 comment:

jp said...

I'm going to need the translation.

Nice singing voice, though.