Friday, August 22, 2008

The first entry...

Here we go, the first entry for a blog to be used to keep family updated on the current event's of the Philson Household. Honestly, the reason this blog exists is because Kim and I recorded our youngest son Harrision crawling. The idea was to send the home video to our parents and siblings so they could see the little speed racer at work. Well, the e-mail said the file was to large to send. I'm sure most people would have given up right then and there and said "oh well". But not me, I wanted to send a video, and by-golly I was going to send it. This endless determination led me to think "I could create a blog...and post the movie there...GENIOUS!!!"
So here it is a blog that Kim and I created so that we could post a video of Harrison crawling. Of course this little site now offers limitless potential for us to record the daily anecdotes of our family, and frankly, to do whatever we want with. Enjoy!!